Project Description

Since the first automobile came into being in the 19th century, automobile has accompanied human beings for more than 100 years. In more than 100 years, the continuous change of people’s demand, as well as the support of petroleum, steel, aluminum, chemical industry, plastic, mechanical equipment, electricity, road network, electronic technology and finance and other industries, has led to the development of automobile, which has become a transportation tool with various types, specifications and widely used in various fields of social and economic life. The continuous improvement, development and innovation of automobiles are the combination of human wisdom and ingenuity.

However, with the increasingly prominent energy crisis and environmental protection problems in the world, the automotive industry is facing severe challenges, and the automotive industry is facing the transformation of the transportation energy system. The previous two traffic energy changes have brought great changes to human life and production, but also brought great economic benefits. In this context, the new energy vehicle industry began to rise, at the same time, the pace of new energy vehicle R & D iterative update is also accelerating. However, the traditional machining technology is used to complete the processing of parts, but the performance of the processed parts is quite different from the original parts, and some parts can only be processed in sections, which is time-consuming and labor-consuming. Can not meet the current needs of the energy automobile industry.

By using the rapid casting process, we can maximize the reduction of the original casting itself, and perfectly present the product of R & D iteration. Users can also test a variety of different products at a time to meet the needs of testing. When casting, use the same or similar brand materials to cast the parts with the same or similar performance, so as to prevent the performance difference caused by different batches of processing. Effectively improve efficiency and save precious time.