On July 10, the 3-day TCT Asia Exhibition was concluded in Shanghai New International Expo Center, and the exhibition of QUBEA also came to a successful conclusion. Thank you very much for coming to attend the exhibition, and give affirmation and support to QUBEA, which will be a great power for us to move forward in the future.

As a focus on the 3D printing and the actual combination of R&D, production, sales and solution integrated company. QUBEA has brought new technologies in TCT, which including new generation of 3 d printing equipment, the 3D printing production, also has brought the quick casting, and the gloves master mold solution and tires master mold solution. It enables the customer to understand 3D printing and QUBEA in a short time from different aspects.

  1. 3D print with formula Racing

As a highlight of the exhibits, racing car attracted a lot of customers who stopped to know about and study.

In addition to the attractive shape, the most important thing about this racing car is adopts the technology of 3D printing and quick casting, and It has also passed the test of actual combat. So that the customer can directly feel the application of 3D printing in reality. And it has also attracted a large number of media to interview and shoot.

  1. Qubea-sla 800 industrial 3D printing equipment .

Another favorite exhibit is the Qubea-SLA800 3D printing equipment, which was launched last year. It has classic black and white color matching, pull-up machine door, 800mm*800mm*450mm large printing platform, dynamic focusing system, easy to operate control software, which attracted a large number of customers to asked, and to our equipment performance and quality expressed the affirmation.

  1. Quick Casting

As QUBEA officially launched this year’s new services, in the exhibition as soon as won the attention. Aiming at small batch, complex, abnormity and thin wall casting parts, it solves the problem of small batch casting due to the demand of r&d and trial production.

  1. Solutions

In order to let the customer directly know about the practical application of 3D printing, Qubea Shared two solutions that have been put into production: glove master mold and tire master mold. The combination of data and graphics provides a detailed introduction to both solutions and  also demonstrates Qubea’s ability to solve problems for customers.

The TCT of 2020 has been completed perfectly. We will continue to wait for your presence in the TCT Exhibition of Shanghai in 2021.