Sand casting

Customer needs:
1. The mold needs high precision and is less affected by the environment
2. Capable of standardized production.
3. Short production cycle and high cost performance.
Combining 3D printing with sand casting, the 3D printing model is used to replace the wooden model.

Garage Kits

Customer needs:
1. Able to print models of different sizes flexibly
2. Good surface smoothness, good details and high degree of reduction
3. The design model can be accurately restored after coloring
Use QUBEA industrial 3D printing equipment to directly print the model and then color it

Ankle Joint

Customer needs:
1. A two-stage ankle joint replacement model was customized for patients
2. In the first stage, the mold can turn over the PVP to eliminate the lesion
3. The second stage was to print metal implants to achieve surgical replacement.
The 3D printed bone model was used for replacement