Quick casting is combination of 3D printing and  investment casting, which inherited and high precision and  casting surface smoothness good characteristics of investment casting, at the same time, also in combination with 3 d printing speed, high precision printing, can small batch production advantages, launch is suitable for thin wall, special, complicated, small batch casting mode of rapid casting, and began to widespread use.


Aircraft handle

Aerospace technology is a symbol of national defense strength, and competition among countries is extremely fierce. As a result, countries are trying to develop newer weapons at a faster pace to ensuring an invincible position in the field of defense. quick casting technology can greatly shorten the manufacturing process, quickly transform the theoretical model into a solid model, greatly shorten the product development and manufacturing cycle, and accelerate the product iteration and update.


Art casting

Art casting pays attention to shape accuracy, surface gloss, texture, color and corrosion resistance of finished products. The artistic casting pieces, which are combined with 3D printing and traditional casting, not only have a high degree of accurate shape reduction, but also have excellent details and product texture.


Central control box for high speed rail

The central control box of high-speed railway is one of the important parts to realize the update and iteration of high-speed railway technology. Due to the large parts, it is 800mm long and wall thickness is only 2-3mm. Moreover, the surface structure is complex, and there are many undercut. High requirements for casting process, and short delivery period, very challenging.


Green Car

With the change of automobile industry, the demand of green car is increasing. However, the number of trial moulds is small and the types of casting samples are many, which are not suitable for traditional casting. However, quick casting can not only realize small batch, but also verify multiple schemes at one time and realize short-term delivery.



On the whole, the blade is an irregular three-dimensional curved surface with a complex structure and a thin wall. The surface precision is difficult to be guaranteed due to the page structure of the curved surface. The technical level of traditional casting is high, but it can be cast easily by fast seed casting.