The QUBEA SAL 600 equipment features excellent stability, high versatility and flexibility. The printing platform of SLA 600 is suitable for the printing of most workpieces, and the assembly of dynamic focusing system or variable-spot system can be flexibly selected according to the requirements.


  • Wide application range, high versatility
  • Flexible configuration, according to the needs of the installation of variable spot/dynamic focus
  • Optimize laser scanning path algorithm for faster output
  • Qubeware control software
  • Automatic liquid level regulation system

The Qubea SLA 600


The Qubea SLA 600 is a flagship device in the Qubea series, widely praised by customers for its high versatility, excellent performance and high flexibility of configuration.

Adopt SCANLAB scanning galvanometer

  • The highest scanning speed can reach 12m/s
  • the updated dynamic focusing system, the printing precision of large size workpiece is higher

The Multi-Functional Vacuum-Adsorptive Recoating is used on the scraper R-axis module, which is coated in the solid model scanning and supplemented with resin to automatically plan the scanning path;

Automatic detection of laser power realizes automatic adjustment of various parameters according to the power; Automatic control of liquid level, adjustment accuracy up to 0.01mm

Parts with extreme detail and smooth surface quality, support different properties of resin materials, meet the rigidity, details, heat resistance and other requirements. With special treatment equipment, achieve zero discharge of organic pollutants.

SLA600 Specifation
Laser SystemLaser Type:Diode Solid-State Laswer
Wavelength/Power:355nm /1000mw
Max.Buli Size(XYZ):600mm(x)*600mm mm(Y)*400mm(Z)
Recoating PrecisionQuick Build:0.1mm-0.15mm
Precise Build:0.05mm-0.1mm
Optical Scan SystemSpot Diameter:0.1mm-0.12mm
Scanning Speed:5.0m/s(Standard)12.0m/s(MAX)
Galvanometer Scanner:SCANLAB
Recoating System:Multi-Functional Vacuum-Adsorptive Recoating
ElevatorVertical Resolution:0.0002mm
Repetitive Position Precision:±0.01mm
Resin Vat:240KG
Software EnvironmentOperation System:WINDOWS7/10
Control Software:Qubea SLA production software
File Format:STL & SLC
Network:10/100m Ethernet
Operation EnvironmentTemperature:25-30℃
Machine Dimension(W*D*H):1250mm(w)*1310mm(d)*2100mm(h)
Machine Weight:1500kg
Power:200~240V AC 50/60HZ,16Amps
Warranty:12 Moths

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