QUBEA SLA 300 is a high precision printing equipment for dental applications. The resolution of galvanometer scanner is up to 0.005mm/Step, which is suitable for printing high-precision products. Super small body, weight only 600KG, easy to transport, and small area, can be placed flexibly.


  • Multi-Functional Vacuum-Adsorptive Recoating
  • Resolution: 005mm/Step
  • High performance Z-axis stepper motor
  • Mini size, flexible and suitable for all kinds of space scenes
  • Qubeware control software
  • Automatic regulation of liquid level

The Qubea SLA 300

The small size of 975mm*894mm*1915mm can be flexibly placed in various positions. The resolution of 0.005mm/Step can print more fine details, and the layer thickness of 0.005mm can make the surface more smooth and delicate.

Very suitable for printing all kinds of high precision small parts.

With 8250 photosensitive resin material for tooth research, one-key operation software, make it a good companion for dental industry.

The 3d model of the affected area was reconstructed by medical CT/MR scan data, and the physical model and surgical guide plate were output by Qubea SLA 300 to achieve accurate surgical positioning.

                                      SAL300 Specifation
Laser SystemLaser Type:Diode Solid-State Laswer
Wavelength/Power:355nm /1000mw
Max.Buli Size(XYZ):300mm(x)*300mm(Y)*250mm(Z)
Recoating PrecisionQuick Build:0.1mm-0.15mm
Precise Build:0.05mm-0.1mm
Optical Scan SystemSpot Diameter:0.1mm-0.12mm
Scanning Speed:5.0m/s(Standard)12.0m/s(MAX)
Galvanometer Scanner:SCANLAB
Recoating System:Multi-Functional Vacuum-Adsorptive Recoating
ElevatorVertical Resolution:0.0002mm
Repetitive Position Precision:±0.01mm
Resin Vat:60KG
Software EnvironmentOperation System:WINDOWS7/10
Control Software:Qubea SLA production software
File Format:STL & SLC
Network:10/100m Ethernet
Operation EnvironmentTemperature:25-30℃
Machine Dimension(W*D*H):957mm(w)*894mm(d)*1915mm(h)
Machine Weight:600kg
Power:200~240V AC 50/60HZ,16Amps
Warranty:12 Moths

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