QUBEA SLA1800 is a new industrial-grade printing equipment. Assembly of high precision Dynamic Focusing System, Dual Scanning Galvanometer. The roundness of the spot can reach more than 90% in each position to ensure the printing accuracy of each position.


  • Large printingplatform can output large parts
  • Duallaser and dual galvanometer system
  • Fast scanning dynamic focusing system supports high speed laser scanning up to 20.0 m/s
  • Automatic function to achieve more complex laser control
  • Resin thermostatic control system
  • Equipped with Qubeaware Pro equipment software, with a high degree of convenience and real-time monitoring
  • Special scraper made of carbon fiber is provided


The Qubea SLA 1800 is a custom device for the Qubea family.

The equipment was newly released this year,

The dual laser, dual galvanometer configuration improves the scanning speed by 20%-30% during the printing process of 1800mm(X)*850mm(Y)*600mm(Z). The manufacturing speed of the parts can reach 150-500g/h, which can improve the production efficiency.

Equipped with a high-precision dynamic focusing system, the spot diameter is up to 0.8mm, and the roundness of the spot can reach more than 90% whether at the center or at the edge. In the maximum extent to ensure that each position no matter the printing of large parts or small parts precision, but also greatly accelerate the speed of printing.

SLA 1800, the best choice for mass production.

SLA1800 Specifation
LASER SYSTEMNumber of Lasers: Dual Laser
Laser Type:Diode-pumped Solid-state Laser Nd: YVO₄
Laser Power::1000/2000/3000mW
RECOATING SYSTEMCoating Method:Intelligent Positioning-vacuum Adsorption Coating
Normal Layer Thickness:0.1mm
Rapid Production Layer Thickness:0.1~0.15mm
Precision Production Layer Thickness:0.05~0.1mm
OPTICAL & SCANNINGLight Spot (diameter @ 1 / e²):0.10~0.16mm(Normal) 0.10~0.80mm(Dynamic focus)
Scanning Galvanometer: High-speed Scanning Galvanometer (double galvanometer)
Scan Speed of Parts:6.0~20.0m/s(recommended)
Jump Speed of Parts:20.0~40.0m/s(recommended)
Reference Production Speed:150~500g/h(Super ×2 | Double Galvanometer)
ELEVATORRepeated Positioning Accuracy:±0.01mm
Lifting Motor:High Precision Servo Motor
Benchmarking Platform: Marble Benchmarking Platform / Casting Platform
RESIN VATStandard Volume: About 1400L@600mm(Z)
XY Production Platform:  1800mm(X)×850mm(Y)
Z Axis:600mm(standard)/ <600mm(customized)
Max. Workpiece Weight:150kg@600mm(Z)
Resin Heating Method:Precision Resistance Wire Heating
SOFTWAREControl Software: Qubeware Pro Production Software
Data Processing Software:MagicsRP
Data Interface: SLC File
INSTALLATION CONDITIONPower:200 ~ 240VAC 50 / 60Hz, single phase, 5 / 20Amps
Ambient Temperature:20-26ºC
Relative Humidity:<40%(no frost)
Equipment Size: 3.10m (W) × 1.80m (D) × 2.30m (H) (excluding computer rack)
Equipment Weight:About 4000kg
WARRANTYLaser: 12 Months
Machine:12 Months From The Installation Date
ATTACH Carbon Fiber Scraper
 Hot Air Heating on Liquid Surface
 Automatic Calibration
 Automatic Door
 Dynamic Focus



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