The QUBEA SLA 800 is equipped with a dynamic focusing system and a fully automatic lifting vat, And the design of separating the vat from the metal frame can effectively prevent the creep of the machine due to the gravity pressure, and at the same time, it is convenient to maintain the equipment and replace the material.


  • Large print format
  • Automatic lifting cylinder block (patent)
  • Ultra high printing accuracy
  • Optimize equipment component design


The Qubea SLA 800

The Qubea SLA 800, which was released in 2019, is the largest printing device in the Qubea series of standard models.

Its optimized component design, pull-up metal doors and inlaid control computer can maximize the saving of working space required by the equipment.

The SLA 800 is made of one-piece cast metal, with a fully automatic lifting cylinder with R&D patent. The design of cylinder block and frame separation can effectively prevent the creep problem of metal frame caused by long-term gravity pressure. While ensuring the high-precision work of equipment, it is also convenient for the maintenance of equipment and replacement of printing materials.

The large printing platform of 800mm*800mm*450mm can accommodate two people to operate at the same time. It is equipped with a high-end 3D dynamic focusing scanning system, with accuracy up to 0.05mm and thickness up to 0.05mm-0.1mm per layer. Can easily produce all kinds of complex structure parts and assemblies.


SLA-800 Specifation
Laser SystemLaser Type:Diode Solid-State Laswer
Wavelength/Power:355nm / 3000mw
Max.Buli Size(XYZ):800mm(x)*800mm(y)*450mm(z)
Recoating PrecisionQuick Build:0.1mm-0.15mm
Precise Build:0.05mm-0.1mm
Optical Scan SystemSpot Diameter:0.1mm-0.8mm
Scanning Speed:5m/s(Standard)12m/s(MAX)
Galvanometer Scanner:Dynamic Focus Scan System
Recoating System:Smart Vacuum Adsorption System
ElevatorVertical Resolution:0.0002mm
Repetitive Position Precision:±0.01mm
Resin Vat:450KG(Automatic Lifting Vat)
Software EnvironmentOperation System:WINDOWS7/10
Control Software:Qubea SLA production software
File Format:STL & SLC
Network:10/100m Ethernet
Max. Production Weight100KG
Operation EnvironmentTemperature:25-30℃
Machine Dimension(W*D*H):1800mm(w)*1700mm(d)*2200mm(h)
Machine Weight:2000kg(Containing Resin)
Power:200~240V AC 50/60Hz,20Amps
Warranty:12  Moths



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